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HS-35 is ideal for all phases of your horse's life...

Expertly formulated for any breed, any age, any size, any discipline... from young foals to adult horses, including pregnant mares.

This unique blend of top quality vitamins & minerals also provides the benefit of feeding DFMs (Direct-Fed Microbal) Probiotics.

Highly palatable - horses LOVE it!  Can be feed alone or as a top dress.

Easy to feed - takes the guesswork out of your horse's nutritional program.  Just add calories - forage and if grain is needed, we suggest plain whole oats.  Always provide free-choice salt...preferably Redmond organic!

Feed according to individual horse's weight.  HS-35 comes in a 50 lb. bag - a 100 day supply for a 1,000 lb. horse.

Try HS-35 and see the difference for yourself!

About the Trace Minerals in HS-35

There are different "Brands" of chelated organic minerals.  

HS-35 contains a "Brand" of Trouw Nutition, the global leader

in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the

 animal nutrition industry.

Optimins are the strongest chelated minerals on the market, with bond strength significantly greater than any other product.  Optimin's superior chelation protects the value of your mineral in it's original form during digestion so it is soluble and ready for absorption.

Research-proven benefits and greater mineral bioavailibility.  Optimin chelates are produced entirely by a natural process and using natural ingredients in a dedicated facility with food-grade standards.

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